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Hundreds to join Heathrow protest

Hundreds more people are expected to join a protest against climate change near Heathrow Airport in London. They're angry about the airport's plans to build another runway, because they say planes cause greenhouse gases which lead to climate change. The protestors have set up a camp near the airport, and it's thought around 2,000 people will take part. There are also lots of police at the camp, to make sure the protestors don't do anything to stop planes flying.

Heathrow Airport has two runways at the moment and four terminals.
A fifth terminal will open in 2008, and a third runway could be built around the year 2020.

Companies that work in the industry say they aren't the only people to blame for climate change, and add that planes are only around 2% of the problem. Chief Superintendent Ian Thomas said the protesters were on the site illegally. The field is a sports ground belonging to Imperial College London.

As well as tents, protesters have put up lots of banners, with slogans on them like 'Climate Camp - no Airport Expansion' and 'Runways to ruin'. The company that runs the airport, BAA, has warned the group that it won't allow passengers to be "harassed or obstructed". But campers say they don't want to disrupt passengers, just BAA.

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