The grammar is...

The Possessive

Look at the possessive chart.
I - my
You - your
He - his
She - her
It - its
We - our
You - your
They - their
Jack - Jack's

Jack is married to Alice. She is his wife and he is her husband. They have a daughter and son. The son's name is Henry and the -- daughter's name is Lisa. They live next to Alice's parents, Harry and Marjorie. Harry is Alice's father and Marjorie is -- her mother. Harry is Jack's father-in-law and Marjorie is -- his mother-in-law. Henry is -- Harry's grandson and Lisa is Marjorie's granddaughter. Alice has a sister a brother. -- Her sister's name is Mary and her -- brother's name is Frank. Frank has two children, David and Sherrie. Sherrie is Alice's niece and David is Alice's nephew. Alice is -- their aunt and Jack is -- their uncle.

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