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THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS Children are encouraged to eat cereals for breakfast, but a recent study by the UK Consumers Association shows that many of these breakfast cereals can contain high levels of salt, sugar and fat. Incredibly, some cereals contain up to 50 per cent sugar. Producers add these ingredients to satisfy children's taste for strong, sweet flavours. However, salt causes high blood pressure(1), while high levels of sugar cause tooth decay(2) and, possibly, diabetes.

FAST FOOD, SLOW BRAIN Research has also shown that bad eating habits can also cause children to suffer from depression and learning disorders(3) such as dyslexia. Processed foods(4), and the use of vegetable oils in cooking, have reduced our intake(5) of certain natural substances, such as omega 3. This polyunsaturated fatty acid helps electrical signals to travel through the brain, from neuron to neuron, and increases blood flow(6) generally. Studies in the UK demonstrate school children with bad concentration and poor results can improve greatly with omega 3 supplements such as cod liver oil(7).

DON'T MOVE! Even if they eat well, children can suffer from nightmares(8), but then so can adults. Have you, for example, ever woken up in the middle of the night and found your body completely paralysed? You cannot speak. You cannot move your arms or legs. Nothing. Strangely, this is a common experience and it is called ASP, or "Awareness(9) during Sleep Paralysis." Some say that many ASP sufferers have also felt that they were being attacked by "old hags," or witches(10), demons and, in some cases, even aliens...

Matria publicada na revista Speak Up edio 225 - fevereiro/2006


1.nightmare - pesadelo.
2.tooth decay - cries.
3.learning disorders - distrbios de aprendizagem.
4.processed foods - alimentos industrializados.
5.intake - entrada, ingesto, absoro.
6.blood flow - fluxo sangneo.
7.cod liver oil - leo de fgado de bacalhau.
8.nightmares - pesadelos.
9.awareness - conscincia, cincia.
10.old hags, witches - feiticeiras velhas, bruxas.

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