Test your english - II

1. Do you live in Venice ?
a. Yes, I live b. Yes, I do c. Yes, I am d. Yes, I does

2. How old are you ?
a. I have 21 years old b. I am 21 years old c. No, I’m not d. I have 21 years

3. Do you have a sister ?
a. No, I haven’t b. No, I don’t c. No, I doesn’t d. No, Idon’t have

4. They are from Italy.
a. Where are they of ? b. Where are they from ? c. Whre is they from ? d. Where they are from ?

5. She’s a doctor.
a. What’s her job ? b. What’s she job ? c. What’s his job ? d. What’s she is job ?

6. Thank you.
a. You’re great! b. OK c. Not for this d. You’re welcome

7. Jack is_______intelligent man. a. – b. a c. an d. really

8. Listen! Someone is knocking_______the door a. at b. between c. on d. in

9. Children_______work.
a. doesn’t b. don’t c. isn’t d. aren’t

10. _______international airport in Chicago is big.
a. An b. A c. The d. –

11. My brother’s daughter is my_______
a. aunt b. ancle c. nephew d. niece

12. 1.200
a. One hundred two b. One thousand two c. One million an two thousand d. One thousand two hundred

13. He goes to work
a. by taxi b. on taxi c. with taxi d. in taxi

Respostas - Beginner
1- b /2- b / 3- a ou d / 4- b / 5- a / 6- d / 7- c / 8- c / 9- b / 10-c / 11-d / 12-d / 13-a

Fonte: http://www.britishnet.com.br/jogos.html

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