Tips and Techniques II

How to iron a shirt:

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Unfortunately, many shirts do need ironing - but if you learn to do it yourself, you'll save enough on dry-cleaning to buy several more.


Steps One: Find the tag on your shirt that indicates what it's made of.
Step Two: Plug in the iron and set the dial to the recommended setting for that fabric. 100-percent cotton and linen need a high setting; wools and cotton blends call for medium heat; polyester, rayon, nylon, silk, acetate and acrylic all need a low heat setting.

Step Three: Fill the iron with distilled water if you will be using the "steam" setting on cottons or linens.

Step Four: Iron the back of the collar first, then the front, taking care to iron in from the edges a little at a time to avoid creases.

Step Five: Open cuffs fully. Iron inside first, then outside.

Step Six: Iron sleeves after smoothing them flat to avoid creases. Do sleeve backs first, fronts second and take extra care on armhole seams.

Step Seven: Hang shirt over board so that one front panel of the shirt can be extended flat (collar at narrower end of board). Iron from shoulder to shirttail.

Step Eight: Rotate shirt over board so that you iron the back next, and the other front panel last.
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