Lessons 4-5-6

Hoje vamos aprender em Vocabulary:
- Colour (with "u" in UK, but it's spelled color in the USA.)

Continuando as aulas em vídeo

4- What´s your favorite color (colour)?

Test: http://a4esl.org/q/h/al-color-lb.html

Apples, salad, and grass are all usually ___
Buses in London, tomatoes and Rudolfs' nose are all ___
Taxis in New York, sweet corn and banana skins are all ___
The sky, Thomas the tank engine, and the sea are all ___
Taxis in London, coal and a starless sky are all ___
Cherry blossoms, strawberry ice cream and pigs are all ___
Chocolate, coffee and whiskey are all ___

Tomatoes are ___ (Red)
The sky is ___ (blue)
Clouds are ___ (white)
Grass is ___ (green)
Butter is ___ (yellow)
Eggplants are ___ (purple)
Carrots are ___ (orange)
Strawberry milkshakes are ___ (pink)
Coffee is ___ (black)
Chocolate is usually ___ (brown)

5- Nationalities

-Tom is from Berlin. His nationality is ___.

a. Germany b. German c. Dutch

Answer : b

- Anna is from Leningrad. Her nationality is ___.

a. France b. French c. Russian

Answer : c

- David is from New York. His nationality is ___.

a. Mexican b. American c. Canadian

Answer : b

- Sarah is from London. Her nationality is ___.

a. British b. Irish c. Scottish

Answer : a

-Nicole is from Paris. Her nationality is ___.

a. France b. French c. English

Answer : b

- Carlos is from Madrid. His nationality is ___.

a. French b. Italian c. Spanish

Answer : c

- Donald is from Geneva. His nationality is ___.

a. Switzerland b. Austrian c. Swiss

Answer : c

- Bruce is from Sydney. His nationality is ___.

a. British b. Australian c. Austrian

Answer : b

- Keiko is from Tokyo. Her nationality is ___.

a. Chinese b. Korean c. Japanese

Answer : c

- Dewa is from Jakarta. His nationality is ___.

a. Japanese b. Indonesian c. Indian

Answer : b

6-Introducing People
Part 1:

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