Conversation Starters

Unit 1:

Introductions 1 - Informal:

A: Excuse me, do you mind if I sit down?
B: No. Let me move my bag.
A: Thanks. By the way, do you live in the dorm? I think I've seen you there.
B: Yes, I just moved in last week.
A: I live in the dorm, too.
B: Oh, really? Do you like it?
A: Yeah, it's okay. It takes me about 5 minutes to get to my first class in the morning.
B: I'm not so lucky. My first class is on the other side of the university. But I've got a bicycle, so it doesn't take too long.
A: I've got a bike, too. But I haven't needed it this semester.
B: Well, this is my stop coming up. By the way, my name's Bob.
A: Hi, Bob. I'm Sylvia.
B: Nice meeting you, Sylvia. I'll probably see you around.
A: Okay. Bye, Bob.

1. Where are the speakers?
A In a car B In a bus C In a dorm D In a classroom
2. What does the man say when the woman asks if she can sit down?
A He says it is okay to have a seat. B He says the seat is already occupied. C He says he minds her sitting next to him. D He says the bag seated there can't be moved.
3. How does the woman go to her first class?
A She walks. B She takes a bus. C She drives her car. D She rides her bicycle.
4. Where is the man's first class?
A Across campus B Near the bus stop C Not far from the dorm D On the other side of town
5. What is the last thing the man says to the woman?
A He says he has to stop seeing her. B He says he will likely see her again. C He says he looks forward to meeting her. D He says he is going to come by her room.


Phrases for conversation:
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