Verb MAKE / DO

MAKE = to create something that didn't exist comes into being

make breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, make a telephone call
make a fuss, a scene , make a mess , make noise, a sound
make an appointment , make an asssumption
make an attempt , make changes
make a choice, make a comparison
make a complaint, make a decision
make a demand, make a difference
make an effort, make an exception
make an excuse, make friends
make fun of someone, make a judgment
make a law, make a mistake
make an offer, make plans
make progress, make a promise
make a request, make a speech
make a suggestion, make time
make a will, make love
make peace, make war, make ends meet
make a contribution, make money
make a profit, make payments
make the best of it, make the most of it

DO = to perform
What do you do? I'm a teacher.
Do your work. Do your job.
That's a job well-done.
We do business with that company.
do homework, do an exercise, do housework
do the dishes, do laundry, do the cooking
do the shopping, do your makeup
do your hair, do exercises, do me a favor
do your duty, do me the honor (of)
do your part, do your share, do an experiment
do a mile in four minutes
That does the trick.
do a crime, do damage, do drugs
do evil, do harm, do 10 years
do right, do wrong, do good, do bad
do your best

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