Adjective Placement

When using more than one adjective to describe a noun place the adjectives in the following order before the noun.

NOTE: We usually use no more than 3 adjectives preceding a noun.

1. Opinion : an interesting book, a boring lecture

2. Dimension : a big apple, a thin wallet

3. Age : a new car, a modern building, an ancient ruin

4. Shape : a square box, an oval mask, a round ball

5. Color : a pink hat, a blue book, a black coat

6. Origin : some Italian shoes, a Canadian town, an American car

7. Material : a wooden box, a woolen sweater, a plastic toy

Here are some examples of nouns modified with three adjectives in the correct order based on the list above. Notice that the adjectives are not separated by commas.

A wonderful old Italian clock. (opinion - age - origin)

A big square blue box. (dimension - shape - color)

A disgusting pink plastic ornament. (opinion - color - material)

Some slim new French trousers. (dimension - age - origin)



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