What are adjectives?

What are adjectives?
Adjectives are describing words - they tell you more about nouns.Nouns are 'naming' words, they are a person, place or thing.Adjectives tell you more about the noun. Using adjectives makes your sentences more interesting.

The pretty girls laughed.
In this sentence:
'girls' is the noun (it says who's laughing).
'pretty' is the adjective (it says more about the noun).

Here are some more sentences with nouns and adjectives.
The fat captain ate dinner.
Sam is blonde and gorgeous.
Old Hani and I drove up the big hill.

Remember that adjectives tell you about the noun, they describe the noun. Don't confuse adjectives with adverbs. Adverbs describe the verb, they tell you more about an action - eg: 'he laughed loudly'.

Remember that adjectives usually come before the noun.You can use more than one adjective if you need to. Eg: The tall, bright, beautiful waitress picked up the dark, dirty coffee.

There are rules about the order that you should put adjectives in when you use more than one, but the best way to know is to say the sentence to yourself. Does it sound right?


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